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Caoxian Haina Food Co. Ltd.

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About  Haina​

Haina introduction

Cao Haina Food Co., Ltd. is a vegetable dehydrating and drying processing enterprises, located in Caoxian Qing Gu Ji Zhen, the registered capital of 11 million yuan, more than 600 million yuan in fixed assets. Total investment 10000000 yuan. Company covers an area of 50 acres, with advanced hot vegetables dehydration fluid waterline a, the existing management personnel more than 20 people, more than 360 employees, a variety of production and processing of cabbage, onion, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables, year of vegetable production and processing capacity of 1000 tons, raw vegetables, more than 20000 tons, and products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the annual sales of 4000 million yuan .
According to the international and domestic market demand is growing. We need a large area of vegetable raw materials development, green development year 300 acres, cabbage 1500 acres, asparagus 1500 acres, carrots and other vegetables more than 800 acres, the company for the development of vegetable base formulation minimum protection price, market price is low fan, press protective price acquisition, protect the interests of farmers. When the market price is higher, the reference market price is acquired. The farmers get more benefits. Companies to develop recycling standards, the issue of the purchase agreement contract. Formed a "company + base + farmers" benign production and business model.
Haina Food Co. Ltd. is the " Heze municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises ". In 2011 May, registered 5000000 yuan to set up a "Caoxian Haina vegetable cooperatives. Direction of development of large-scale industrialization.
Caoxian Haina Food Co. Ltd.
May 15, 2014