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Heze dehydrated vegetables export growth and a quarter ""

From Heze inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the first quarter of this year, the Bureau of inspection of dehydrated vegetables export batch of 124, 1331.65 tons, value $49.83 million, compared to the same period were growth 47.62%, 43.03% and 46.67%. This is the second year after the rapid growth of the export volume of dehydrated vegetables and a higher rate of growth.
This year, the Heze inspection and Quarantine Bureau on how to further promote the expansion of the export of dehydrated vegetables in Heze region, bigger and stronger dehydrated vegetable export industry. Through the analysis of dehydrated vegetables export market structure, requirements of the importing country of pesticide residues, combined with enterprise management, product quality and integrity, combs the current supervision work in the existing problems, deepen the separation and detection of the supervision mode reform. The bureau to further optimize the dehydrated vegetable inspection and quarantine process, in addition to the laws and regulations, standard and normative documents are clearly defined and reduce must provide export dehydrated vegetables inspection material, is refined and simple according to five. At the same time, the bureau also in-depth production base of the field management of the field and the base of the field and the internal and external environment, and ensure the effective supervision.