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Last year, Heze City, dehydrated vegetables exports increased by more than 8

On the 18th, the reporter from Heze City, inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that Heze area last year, a total of export products of dehydrated vegetable 615 batches, 12031 tons, the value of 3095.8_wan million dollar, than last year over the same period were growth 64.44% and 82.79%, 81.64%.
Heze area export dehydration vegetable varieties include: dehydrated garlic powder, garlic, cabbage, green onions, red peppers, including dehydrated garlic products is the main of dehydrated vegetables products, exports accounted for 77.8% of dehydrated vegetables, mainly exported to the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions.
It is understood, in recent years, due to foreign technical trade measures, the RMB exchange rate appreciation, the means of production costs continue to rise and instability in the prices of raw materials, such as a variety of factors, I Province, the main export products of fresh vegetables in the international market prices are highly volatile, enterprises are facing the risk of trade is also increasing. Dehydrated vegetables as fresh vegetables deep processing of products can effectively avoid fresh vegetable products due to the short shelf life and to take the trade risk, and at the same time, can improve the added value of the products, increase the income of the enterprise, is a major breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of many fresh vegetables products export enterprises.
To helping primary agricultural products production and processing enterprises transformation and upgrading, adjust the structure of production measures, and urged the Heze vegetable products stable export growth, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Heze implemented first in food and agricultural products inspection and Quarantine "barrier free release mode, all drawn should be submitted to the inspection group of an average reduction of inspection and quarantine process 7 working days or more.